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A selection of short documentary films I have made.

They reflect the community around me and socio-political issues that I feel need to be platformed.

The New Normal

Filmed in July 2020 during Covid 19 around The Wornington Green Estate and Golborne rd London W10.


The New Normal was a theme provided by The Prince's Trust Charity that allowed me to explore life during lockdown for residents in the community who have been shielding. 


With thanks to Margaret and Nessa

A Letter to Yasin

In memory of Yasin El Wahabi & Family To mark the third year anniversary of Grenfell.


Written by Suleiman Suleiman

Composed by Brendan Void

Filmed & Edited by Hannah Hutch

Photography Stills by Jay Hirano

With thanks to Constatine Gras & Natasha Langridge & thanks to Fez for letting me film inside the shop.

FEZ is a family run shop located in the heart of London, Golborne rd

Here is a short piece I made from the Black Lives Matter Protest on 3rd June 2020.

I made this film to platform Jaden's voice, to offer his perspective and to counterbalance the negative press the protests have been getting. 


With thanks to Jaden Osei-Bonsu

Filmed & Edited by Hannah Hutch

Colne Valley Nature Protection Camp


Here is a film I made to highlight the negative effects HS2 will have on our environment, on peoples livelihood and the sheer cost of it.

I spent time with the Colne Valley Nature Protection Camp group to understand what they had been going through to try and stop HS2. 

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